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A good prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can serve as a practical foundation for your marriage. In fact, some couples choose to enter into an agreement prior to marriage in order to make each of their respective rights clear.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements let the couple take the guesswork out of hard boundaries and also help each other understand what to expect should worse come to worst.

Our prenuptial and postnuptial agreement attorneys at Buchbauer & McGuire, P.C. have more than 75 years of combined legal experience. We will provide all the necessary advice for negotiating such agreements to meet your legitimate objectives.

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What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement or “prenup” is a consensus reached by two parties, soon to be married, as to what each expects or wants to happen in the event their marriage doesn’t work out.

In Virginia, a premarital agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties. As with all contracts, each party must enter into a premarital agreement voluntarily.

Additionally, a party may challenge a premarital agreement on the grounds that it was unconscionable when executed or that a spouse did not make a fair disclosure to the other prior to the execution of the agreement.

Prenup Provisions

Common provisions in a premarital agreement include:

  • The rights and obligations of each of the parties in any of the property of either or both of them
  • The disposition of property upon separation, marital dissolution or death of either party
  • Spousal support

While it’s possible to enter your marriage without a prenuptial agreement, not having one could make one or both spouses very vulnerable to losing significantly more money or property than they would have without the pre-existing agreement. Our postnuptial and prenuptial agreement lawyers will go over the contract with you and will only let you move forward when we’re satisfied that it will protect your assets and overall financial stability.

Understanding Postnuptial Agreements

Just because you’re married does not mean it’s too late to create a contractual basis on what should happen to your affairs or assets in the event of a divorce. It’s still possible to write up and sign a postnuptial agreement. Such documents might be subject to additional scrutiny to confirm that the documents weren’t fraudulently created ahead of an attempted divorce.

Virginia law interprets these written agreements very strictly, that's why we recommend working with an experienced postnuptial agreement lawyer. Couples should not sign any document determining their respective rights without having it legally reviewed. If you need help drafting a Virginia postnuptial agreement, call our postnup lawyers.

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