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Creating an environment of monetary stability for your offspring requires talking to an experienced child support attorney who will always seek the most logical and compassionate outcome for all involved. At Buchbauer & McGuire, P.C., we understand how crucial it is to ensure the financial security of your child or children.

We work hard to create an environment where everyone can agree on the best possible way to make it happen. For many years, we’ve stood up for children and families in Virginia courts.

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What to Know About Child Support in Winchester

Child support can best be understood as a payment made periodically by a parent for the benefit of a child. These payments are typically made following the end of a relationship, regardless of whether the parents were married.

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Virginia Child Support

Virginia law establishes a guideline amount for monthly child support that is based on each party’s gross monthly income, the cost of work-related childcare costs, and the cost to provide health insurance for the child. The amount of child support is also affected if either parent has other children (either living with them or for whom they pay child support).

Different guidelines may apply if each parent hascustody of the child for more than 90 days per year. Another set of guidelines may apply if each parent’s time differs between multiple children in the same family. The Court may also deviate from the guideline amount in certain specific circumstances.

Interstate Child Support

In the past, having one or both parents move to a different state from the one where a child support case was originally decided could complicate things. Which state has jurisdiction? Should a new agreement be made? To settle matters such as this, the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) was enacted in 1992. It was most recently amended in 2008.

Under UIFSA, all other states defer to the state from which the original child support order came. If the parent who owes child support relocates, UIFSA gives the originating state the authority to send a withholding order to the new state. The order establishes the amount of child support, the frequency, and other stipulations.

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When Does Child Support End In Virginia?

While child support may end when the child turns eighteen under Virginia Law, there are certain circumstances when support can continue past a child’s eighteenth birthday.

When support ends for one child, the child support should be recalculated based on the circumstances at that time. Simply reducing the payment proportionally can result is serious legal penalties, including incarceration.

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Coping with Complications in Collecting Child Support

It can be very easy to dismiss a lack of child support payments as a parent being unwilling to do so. However, this might not be the case.

Reasons a parent might stop or be unable to make child support payments include:

  • Loss of employment or layoff
  • A new child to care for or other family obligations
  • Health problems or serious injury

The parent owing child support should not reach out to the co-parent as a means of resolving what’s owed. Any payment issues or complications should always be addressed in court.

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